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What will be the age of the other children in my child’s class?

Children are grouped according to their age as of September 30. This is the same cut‑off date used by Lafayette Parish Public Schools. Our children are therefore grouped as follows:

Infants Ages 6 weeks ‑ 12 months
Toddlers Age 1 by Sept. 30
Gloworms Age 2 by Sept. 30
Cadets Age 3 by Sept. 30
Swallowtails Age 4 by Sept. 30
Juniors Grades K ‑ 1
Seniors Grades 2 ‑ 3
Monarchs Grades 4 and up

When will my child advance to a new class?

Because our goal is to maintain continuity of care, our children usually remain with their group until the entire group moves up together in mid‑August. Infants are the exception. When space in a Toddler group exists, we try to move them up as soon as possible after they turn one.

My baby is still on a bottle. Are there any special requirements for bottles?

Bottles must be brought full prepared to give. All bottles must be covered with a nipple cover. Both bottle and nipple cover must be fully labeled with the child’s name. We will not give a child a bottle to which medicine has been added.

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code. But there are a few clothing guidelines. Children are asked to come to school in play clothes, so that they can enjoy the messy play that’s found in a quality preschool. Girls over age 3 are asked to wear shorts or bloomers under dresses. All children are asked to wear non‑skid solid shoes–no open toes, no open heels. This means no slippery boots or moccasins, no flip flops, no sandals, no crocs, slides, mules, etc.

What is the discipline policy?

We prefer to use redirection as a first choice. When a child’s behavior calls for a follow‑up action, we’d rather use a logical consequence than a punishment–a consequence that fits the behavior and changes a child’s future behavior. A child that refuses to obey would simply cease play until they comply.

When may I drop off my child?

Parents may bring their child as early at 6:30 am when we open. The formal learning program begins at 8 am. We do ask that all children routinely arrive by 9:00 or call if they will be late.

What items do I need to bring with my child?

All preschool children need a small blanket and a change of clothes. Younger children need diapers and wet wipes. Infants need bottles and jar foods until they’re older enough for table foods.

May my child bring their toys from home?

No, children may not bring toys from home. However, books are always welcome.

May my children bring their own food?

No. Licensing requires a USDA menu be prepared in a kitchen inspected by the health department. If we ask for holiday party treats, they must be store‑bought with the ingredients listed on the package.

Do I need to call if my child will not be coming for the day?

We ask for a courtesy call when a child will be absent. However, we require that parents of school‑agers call us by 2:00 if their child will not be coming after school. Otherwise our buses will be delayed at the school until all children are accounted for.

Do I need to sign in or sign out?

Parents need to sign in using their full name and drop‑off time. They need to sign out the same way at the end of the day. Full name only – NO initials.

When may I pick up my child?

Parents may pick up their child anytime.

Who may pick up my child?

Only custodial parents and those adults (18 & up) listed on the Third Party List may pick up a child. All adults who pick up a child (including parents) must show their picture id.

Can I add a name to my pick‑up list over the phone?

No, names may only be added in person by a custodial parent.

What if I’m late picking up my child?

The late pick‑up fee is $1/minute per child for any student that is picked after we close at 6 pm.

What if my child gets sick at Butterflies and Beyond?

Parents will be called to pick up their child in a timely manner (usually within an hour).

Can my child attend school if they’re sick?


When may my child return to school after an illness?

Children must have one full well‑day before returning after an illness. This means they must be symptom‑free for 24 hours without taking any medicines for fever, diarrhea, or vomiting. Children may not attend if they have taken any medicines that can reduce fever, diarrhea or vomiting in the last 24 hours.

Does Butterflies and Beyond administer medications?

Yes, if a child is not contagious, we administer medications within the guidelines available in the parent’s manual.

For what holidays does Butterflies and Beyond close?

Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas eve at 12:30; Christmas Day; New Years Day, Mardi Gras Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and any other days that the local weather bureau mandates for hurricanes or other storms.

What meals will my child receive?

Butterflies and Beyond provides breakfast, lunch and snack every day.

What if my child is allergic to certain foods?

We make reasonable accommodations for children who cannot eat certain foods due to allergies. We need either the written results of the allergy testing or a note from the doctor.

What if I do not want my child to eat certain foods for religious or vegetarian reasons?

We will make reasonable accommodations, and require a written statement from the parent.

What are the policies on potty training?

Parents must talk to the Director prior to beginning potty training. When parents and teachers agree that a child is ready, parents need to send several changes of clothes and cloth training underwear. NO PULL‑UPS.

Does a professional photographer take pictures at the center?

Yes. A professional photographer takes individual pictures every Fall and class pictures every Spring.

Will my school‑ager have time to do their homework afterschool?

Yes, we offer a homework time and simple assistance everyday afterschool.

Can my school‑age child attend all day during the holidays?

Our current afterschoolers may attend full‑time during the holidays for a small additional fee. Past students may also attend during the holidays.

Does Butterflies and Beyond accept drop‑ins for a single day or week?

No. Children must be enrolled on a continual basis.

Do I need to provide shot records?

Yes, up‑to‑date shot records are required for all students.

Does my child need a physical or birth certificate?


Is there a registration fee?

Yes. We charge a registration fee to cover supplies twice a year–for the school year and for the summer.

May I pay the tuition monthly?

Yes. To compute the monthly rate, simply multiply the weekly rate by 52 weeks in the year and divide by the 12 months in a year.

Is there a multi‑child discount if I have more than one child?

Yes, there is a multi‑child discount for all children over one (infants not included.) Parents can call 981‑3333 for rates.

When is my tuition payment due?

Tuition is due in advance – on Monday if paid weekly, on the 1st if paid monthly.

May I pay with credit card?

Tuition can be paid with cash or checks, but not with debit or credit cards.

What if the tuition is not paid on time?

There is a late fee of $10 per day if not paid in advance on Mondays or on the 1st of the month.
Services can be terminated if not paid by the end of the week.

Will I receive a receipt at the end of the year for my child care tax credit?

Yes, parents will be given a W‑10 at the end of each year in January.

Can I withdraw before the end of the year?

Parents may withdraw at anytime during the year by submitting a two‑week’s notice in writing. If notice is not given, two week’s tuition will still be due.

Do I still need to pay tuition if my child does not attend?

Yes. Tuition is always due whether a child is in attendance or not. This includes holidays, illness or vacation. However, after attending for one full year calculated from their first day of attendance, a preschooler may be absent for one week without paying. School‑agers may take off any number of whole weeks (Monday ‑ Friday) ONLY during the summer, IF AND ONLY IF we are notified of all such weeks in writing by April 20th.

What if my check is returned NSF?

An NSF fee of $25 will be charged to the account, and the returned check will need to be paid in cash. After 2 NSF checks, all future payments must be made in cash.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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